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Your Alberta Blue Cross journey

Let's impact lives for the better

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Who we are

We believe that people, workplaces and communities deserve to be and live well—and we can help. As a benefits provider and wellness leader, we have the opportunity to play an important role in fostering the health and well-being of our customers across their lifetimes.

We provide benefits to more than 1.8 million Albertans through group, government and individual plans. Alberta-based, not-for-profit, wellness-driven, customer committed.

Creating accessible wellness

We believe in wellness for everyone—for all Albertans, for all members and for all employees. To us, wellness means having the freedom to live, work, travel and play free of disease or illness. As a benefits provider and a leader in preventative health care, we have the knowledge, motivation and responsibility to help people take the first steps, the small steps and hard steps towards wellness.

Our employees champion wellness and are empowered to pursue it in all areas of life—physically, mentally, socially and financially.

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Supporting community vibrancy

We live in the communities where we serve and we serve in the communities where we live. We have a role to play in empowering healthy communities, and we can do it because of our employees.

We support all Albertans by meeting them where they're at. Every step of the way, every age, every circumstance—we’re here.

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